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Armaugh Townhomes - Southgate Drive
2 & 3 bedroom townhomes located South of Campus.  
Local owner managed and very well cared for!  Each
townhome comes with range, refrigerator, dishwasher,
air conditioning, storage shed and convenient second
floor laundry hook-ups.  The master bedroom has a
deck.  Rent includes trash and parking.  For more
information on these properties, please contact Owners
Dave or Sandy Kline at 814-360-8387
Armaugh Townhomes
Washington Place
New & spacious 3 bedroom duplex.  Amenities include 3
bathrooms, full basement, garage with door opener, full kitchen
with new appliances, fireplace, deck, computer room, washer &
dryer hookups, air conditioning and efficient natural gas.  For
more information on this property, please contact Owners Dave
or Sandy Kline at 814-360-8387 via email at
Washington Place
722 East Bishop Street
Bellefonte, PA  16823
Phone:  814-355-2021
Fax:  814-355-5777
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